Changing a Flat Tire

flat tire

We’ve all experienced a flat tire once or many times. It is something that might happen to you anywhere when you least expect. The distance you are traveling does not matter because this is a common occurrence for both long distance and short distance drivers. There are several things that may lead to a flat tire. One is when you hit a sharp object.

You might step on a sharp object that will pierce and deflate the tubes of your tires. Sharp rocks and nails are some of the things that can puncture your tires. Damage on the valve system of your car tires may see them go flat. This is the protrusion where you inflate your tires. A corroded or clogged one can lead to the leakage of air.

Worn out tires are also highly likely to go flat when you are on the road. You should always inspect your tires to ensure they are in the perfect condition. Excess heat can increase the pressure in your tires, and this will see the valve let out some, leading to a flat tire.

Every driver is always advised to have a spare tire so in case of such a doing tire installation Having a spare tire will save you the inconvenience, and you will be able to carry on with your journey. Changing a flat tire may turn out to be a difficult task for many. Here are steps on how to change a flat tire.

Find a Safe Location

One thing you should do when you experience a flat tire is look for a safe location. This might happen when you are in the middle of a busy highway. You should move slowly to a safe spot and turn your hazard lights on. If it happens in the middle of a straight road, you can put the reflective triangles meters from your car for oncoming drivers to see.

Have the Right Equipment

As a driver, you should always be prepared for such occurrences. Being prepared means carrying the right tools that can help you service your car anywhere in case of a breakdown or flat tire. Apart from having a spare tire, make sure you have all the equipment you can use in changing your flat tire. They include the jack, wedges, a lug wrench and reflective triangles.

Tightening the Nuts

This is another essential practice when changing a flat tire. You must ensure all your nuts are tightened.punctured tire It is vital for your safety and that of those you are carrying. Loose bolts can be a cause of a fatal road accident. Use the necessary equipment to tighten them. You can also use your hands to confirm.